We have over forty different products in our range including beer, mead, aquavit and gin. Providing a wide assortment of different products has been our focus since the very beginning and it pleases us to see that more and more people are choosing beer to go with their food instead of wine. Restaurants are offering beer pairing with the menu and organizing beer dinners. The expression “beer is the new wine” is music to our ears.

To combine beer and food is all about taking risks and exploring tastes, but there are some good ground rules. Start by analysing the food: is it light or heavy? What about the spices, salt, acidity and sweetness? All these things are important when making good parings. A good place to start is matching lighter beers with light food and more powerful beers with heavier dishes. It also helps to find a flavour that both the food and beer have in common, such as an Amber Ale with it’s caramel malt character paired with roasted or grilled foods, or a bright spicy Saison with seafood, or a big Imperial Porter with notes of coffee and chocolate to pair up with a chocolate dessert or a crème brûlée. Very spicy food should not be paired with high alcohol beers since the spice and alcohol tend to intensify each other.

If you´re having salty or sweet food, seafood or cured food, grilled foods or goose liver, cake or chips – in our range you will always find a matching companion. In our descriptions of our products, you will find food pairing tips in every single one. We guess the only thing left to say is; Bon Appétit!